The trip from Brindisi to Martina Franca usually takes less then an hour – please see the map below.  From Brindisi (A) take the SS16 dual carriageway north towards Bari.  At Fasano (B) you need to leave the dual carriageway and follow signs to Taranto, Locorotondo (C) and Martina Franca (D) (please note that there are a number of exits for Fasano, but the correct one indicates Taranto, Locorotondo and Martina Franca).
If you have never driven in Italy before there are a few things to bear in mind:

- you need to have your lights on at all times – this is now law on all major roads
- the speed limit on dual carriageways is 90 km/hr and most normal roads is 70, but some local roads are marked at 50 km/hr
- there is a bewildering array of road signs that often cover the ones you are looking for!
- roundabouts don’t generally work in the way you expect – most give priority to the person coming onto the roundabout from the right (there is a general rule of priority to those coming from the right). Although most are now changing you need to watch for give way signs, as some are a mixture of both systems.

If you have any problem finding the route, please do not hesitate to call us on the following mobile number and ask to speak to Francesco:  348 5831659

When you arrive in Martina Franca turn left at the first round-about (1) you come to, then go straight on through a set of traffic lights (which usually flash yellow).  At the next traffic lights go straight on up the hill as far as a T junction (2).  Turn right and then left after about 200 metres (the first road you come to) (3).  Go straight on as far as another T junction (4) and there turn left.  After about 100 metres there is a church on the left and opposite it you need to take the right fork in the road (5) into “via Monti del Duca”.  Go straight on, around a series of bends for about 700 metres.  Where the road narrows there is a stone arch with a red door (6) and you must turn right here and follow the road round the left.  The green gate of Masseria Labbruto is in front of you.  Please ring the bell marked ‘Motolese’.